Oldie From England

These are from about 10 years ago, we were all in England for a contest, I think it was a Backyard Jam.  We kind of had a day off from riding and walked down to an old castle in Hastings.  Myself, Van Homan, Steve Crandall, Edwin Delarosa, Brian Wizmerski, Chris Stauffer and Jeremy “Magilla” Reiss.

This a photo that Van took of all of us

I happen to have a photo taken at the exact same time.

Wiz and Edwin Delarosa

Afterwards we wandered back through town and Crandall shot me with his gat.

Then he had Gilly and Stauffer pose with some random people on the street

Followed by some heavy air guitar


It’s almost here…

My friends and I have literally been filming for this video for over 5 years.  Sure, we may have slacked off at times, but the wait is almost over and the end result is well worth all the time that went into it.  It’s off to the duplicators now and should be here in a couple weeks.

Lensbaby Through Detroit

Here’s a couple random photos I took with my Lensbaby lens on a past trip to Detroit.  Had a great time with some great friends.  This was my first time using the lens, pretty fun to shoot with and every shot is a challenge.

Mega Ramp Randomness

While up at Woodward there were some skaters filming on the Mega Ramp so I hung out for a bit to watch and shoot a few photos.  Why can’t there be this big a budget in BMX?