Raw Nature

The other day I went out to Santa Barbara to shoot my friend Ian grinding a handrail.  The bottom of the stairs ended at this field, and there was this huge hawk there that had just caught something.  It had got a little spooked when we showed up, and flew off to a nearby tree.  Less than a minute later, another hawk swooped in and stole the first one’s catch.  When it took off, it was carrying a huge gopher snake.  Beyond stoked to have seen it in person, let alone get to take a couple photos.  Click to see them BIG.

Lizard Shoot

The other day I went to dig at the trails and got sidetracked for a few minutes shooting photos of this little guy.  For a good 15 minutes, he slowly moved around on one of our jumps posing for me, not scared at all.

Night Time

A couple random photos from trips.

Resort in Puerto Vallarta


Out of the hotel on one of my trips to China.

Photo to 3D

Here’s a quick little project I made.  I started out with a photo that I took of my buddy Alex Raban.  Then I went into photoshop and chopped it up into tons of different layers depending on the object, and then brought those into After Effects and arranged them in 3D space.  Threw in some music and some color grading and BAM!