Chris Arriaga Lunch Session – More BMX Videos

My Friend Alex came over to my work and filmed this for me. We used to have a private warehouse skatepark here at work, and every day at lunch I would go ride it. The eventually took it out because insurance was so expensive, and I was the only one that really rode it. Bummer.

Set up the camera on while I had to do some yard work, made a quick time lapse.

Quick time lapse while driving home from work. Set up a suction cup mount with tripod head to windshield with photos being shot at 2 second intervals.

I wanted to make a video with the new puppy Olive and this is the result. I’ve had a bunch of programs that I wanted to mess around with like Twixtor which creates ultra slow motion and Magic Bullet which allows for color correcting and other effects. You can see some of the blending from Twixtor where the pixels kinda morph together because she’s so furry so it’s hard for the program to recognize but overall pretty happy with how it came out.

This is my section from the second Kink Bikes video, Cheap Thrills. I honestly kinda thought the video wasn’t very good overall. Not riding wise, but just edited horribly. Still proud of my clips, just bummed on how it was put together.
When the video was being edited, they sent my friend Ian and I an early release for us to review. We watched it, and were like “What the fuck is this shit!!!” There were entire tapes of footage that weren’t in the video, and it was just horrible. We called Zack at Kink and told him how there was so much stuff missing. Then, I think it was the night before the video was supposed to go to the duplicators, Zack and Sam at Kink called us. It was like 11pm, and they were going through tapes and re-editing our sections at the last minute. I guess that’s why the vodeo came out the way it did.

I made this video just for fun. I had to go on a trip to China for work the next day, so wanted to get in a good day of riding. Nothing really crazy or anything, but i just wanted to show a normal day of riding and having a good time. It was all self filmed, which turns out is pretty damn hard to do, and pretty time consuming. I had a lot more stuff that I wanted to do, but batteries were dying and I ended up running out of time.

This was my first edit for Giant. I’m pretty stoked on how this video came out. This is mostly made from a bunch of old random clips that I’ve had left over or sitting around over the years, but I feel like it shows my riding style pretty good.

Wasted Days was the first Kink video, and my first video part. I filmed my ass off for this section and couldn’t be happier with it. We went on trips all over the US and Canada filming for over a year. Not gonna lie, there’s some clips in there that scared the shit out of me!